Reflecting Jesus To Those We Meet

Shame, guilt, fear, denial, and blame flooded into the world and into the lives of people the day Adam and Eve chose sin over God’s love. They hid from God and avoided God. They turned on one another, and the perfection of Eden was lost. They tried to cover their shame and guilt with the works of their own hands-they made garments of fig leaves for themselves. And relationships were lost. Relationships with God and each other were suffering. Death also entered the picture. They would no longer live forever in their relationship with God, or so Satan thought.

But God was determined to get back what He lost. He missed Adam and Eve, and wanted to be back in relationship with those He had created. Remember, that is why He created them in the first place! He wanted to be God for somebody. And the way He would do that would be through His own Son, Jesus Christ. Already in Genesis 3:15 God made a promise that Satan would be crushed, and that a pathway back to God would be made.

And that pathway was Jesus. The only way for the distance of sin to be removed would be for sin and its guilt and shame to be removed as well. But God knew that people could not remove their own guilt. The person who committed the crime was not eligible to pay the penalty for that crime. The penalty had to be paid by someone else. And God also knew that the only way a HOLY God could have fellowship and relationship with UNHOLY people, was for there to be a way to remove the unholiness and the guilt of sin from their lives, so that they could once again stand before HIM without guilt, and as one “made holy” through forgiveness, enjoy a relationship with Him again.

Sin had to be dealt with. The distance that existed in His relationship with people needed to be removed. The guilt had to be washed away. Jesus’ death on the cross accomplished that. As GOD and MAN, Jesus was able to live the perfect life we CANNOT live and satisfy God’s demand for holiness. As GOD and MAN, Jesus was able to die for the imperfect life that we HAVE lived, and so pay the penalty for our sin.

In this study we will learn what it means to say that justice and mercy came together at the cross, and then we will discuss and learn how to share this truth with those people who God puts in our lives!  Want to know how to be a witness?  This is the course for you!  Click this link for a video demonstration on how to naturally witness to the love of Christ when “life happens!”

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  1. zamczysko says:

    I just couldnt leave your website before singing you that we very enjoyed the useful knowledge you supply to your visitors… Will be back soon to check up on newborn posts

  2. Hey, brilliant blog by the way. totallyenjoyed digging into the deeper issues surrounding this. I personally believe that Jesus is a ver difficult figure in history to put in a box, as to who he actually is. I have spent copious amounts of time thinking about him, and the more I do, the less I am able to put him in a box. Once I managed to get over the whole historical accuracy of the bible, I have been enthralled in it.

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