Liturgy: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

As the church journeys toward heaven, it teaches the Word of the LORD, it washes at the font, and it feeds according to the will of the LORD. As God’s people, we gather in a place called ‘church” because it is there that God gives us the gift of His Son Jesus Christ. This is a promise that He has given us as the people of God, and it is the greatest gift that God could give us.

This promise of the gift of our Lord Jesus Christ comes to us when we are gathered in His name, because He has bound Himself to the preaching of the gospel, and the giving of Himself in the sacraments.

Now, from the worlds perspective these are not important gifts, and yet from God’s perspective, they are the most important gifts that He could give. We believe, teach and confess that our Lord Jesus Christ is present within our church according to His flesh. And the fact that the eternal God could be present amongst us in His flesh, through simple Words, through simple water, and through simple bread and wine, is part of the ‘MYSTERY” that we call the Liturgy of the Church.

Come explore this mystery with us. PAX VOBISCUM!   12 Part Video Series and hand-outs: Dr. Arthur Just-Concordia Seminary-Ft. Wayne, IN

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