He Calls Me By Name-Christianity 101

This study course is written for people who are thinking about joining a Christian fellowship (a church), and want to know more about it first. Studying the course will not teach you enough to make you acceptable to the church. It’s the other way around. The group leader and those with whom you take the course with will share their convictions with you, and ask you to join them in making those convictions work. Taking the course will show you whether you and the members of the church fit together in faith.

This course was written by a Lutheran Pastor with a Lutheran emphasis, so you can expect to continually experience three things stressed throughout the course:

1. We are being saved by God’s grace alone, which we try to practice towards each other.
2. We discover God’s grace only through His Word, which is found in the Holy Bible.
3. God’s grace acts in us and to us only through faith. It is not like magic, even though it is all God’s action in giving and teaching us His grace. We receive it and learn it, we practice it, and it grows among us and out from us in the kingdom of God.

These three principle are more that just “teachings”, they are God’s method of revealing His truth, which will then lead us in this life and onward into eternity with Him.

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