Contagious Community:

Beyond Reality … the Power of “With”!

So many of us make our way through the early years sharing our lives as we create memories with our friends and families. We’re all familiar with this part of the journey. But then something happens. As marriage, family, career, responsibilities, obligations, and routines move to center stage, authentic and lasting community gets squeezed from the picture.

While it’s true that God has created us for community, it can be difficult to know what it looks like, how it feels, and how to begin building it. Contagious Community: Living Beyond Yourself identifies the crucial elements of true, lasting Christian community. This 13-session study provides the direction and depth necessary to move beyond reality and into a life lived with one another.

The comprehensive and easy-to-use Leader Book contains everything you need to lead a life-transforming group experience!

Text Published By: Serendipity House

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