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“What is This Bread and Wine?” (The Lord’s Prayer Part-7)

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Rev. Brian Henderson-Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church, San Diego, CA
Maundy Thursday, April 21, 2011
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On the night before He died, Jesus shared with His disciples the Passover, or the Seder. But in the midst of this Seder meal, Jesus served and instituted another meal, a new meal, a meal that was to be repeated; it was “The Lord’s Supper.”   What is this bread that they and we share and eat?  It is God’s very means of delivering and protecting us from evil; the very thing we ask for at the end of the Lord’s Prayer!  Think of the last petition that we pray in that prayer: “But deliver us from evil. Amen.”

In the Greek this petition actually reads, “Deliver or preserve us from the Evil One, or the Wicked One.” It seems to point to the devil as the sum of everything that is evil in this world; it’s as if the entire substance of our prayer is directed against our archenemy. And that makes sense because it’s the devil and his minions who obstruct everything we have asked for in this prayer, which is simply God’s name and honor, God’s kingdom and will, our daily bread, and a good and peaceful conscience.

So at the end of this prayer, we are simply summing up everything we’ve asked for with this request: “Dear Father, help us to get rid of everything that is evil.” So, in this petition God is showing us that our need to pray for His divine protection is in fact endless because the attacks of the devil and this sinful world are also endless! So, this task of praying for God’s protection is a full time endeavor, and like any endeavor we need to be strengthened for the task ahead, and this is precisely what God gives to us in His Holy meal.  This meal along with God’s Word and our baptism is God’s means of strengthening our faith so that we can receive and believe that He has truly forgiven our sins!  For if we are to live a victorious life of faith we must be assured that we are protected and delivered from all kinds of evil; we must be strengthened to keep God’s name holy and work to see His kingdom grow within us and among us; we must be empowered to see His will being done among us and believe that because of Christ’s work upon the cross and His work for in our baptism, we have complete forgiveness of sins!  We must be able to believe that in the end God will protect us from sin and disgrace and from everything else that tries to harm or injures us.

And to provide for this faith and strength, God invites us to a new meal; His holy meal that we call the Lord’s Supper!  What is this meal? Well…

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