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Sunday, November 13th, 2011

22nd Sunday after Pentecost A, November 13th, 2011
Pastor Brian Henderson-Trinity Lutheran Church, San Diego, CA
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INTRODUCTION: Last week, God’s Word gave us a wake-up call and reminded each of us on All Saints Day, that leaving this world is like paying taxes, it is inevitable!  So now that we’re awake and forced to think about eternal things, God’s Word is telling us to arise… get up… get out of bed you sleepy head, because the day of the Lord is coming soon!  As we learned last week, the Day of the Lord is either a day of judgment or a day of reward.  So get up and don’t be someone who thinks and lives in darkness, but live as you have been called to live… live in the glorious light of Christ Jesus your Savior.  It is your Savior who brings you into the Kingdom of His Heavenly Father, while the light of the Holy Spirit takes you by your hand and says “ARISE”!

Now this sounds good to everyone who has been baptized, and yet when we leave this place but not God’s presence, our sinful flesh will do everything in its power to convince us to lie back down and sleep a little longer.  It will try to convince us that there’s no need for urgency.  As you’ve heard me say before, in our sinful nature we’d rather worship at a place called St. Mattress than a place called St. Matthews!  Knowing we are but flesh and subject to falling back into our sinful nature, God’s Word calls out and says arise… wake up you sleeper and walk in the light!

What is that light?  It is God’s Law and His Gospel.  This morning we will use God’s law first as a Mirror, a mirror  that will show us the darkness of sin that surrounds us, and then we will hear His Gospel; the good news that is God’s Word of love, love which dispels the darkness and surrounds us with His love!

I. Why is God’s Law a mirror?  Because if we aren’t trusting in God’s forgiving love, it clearly shows us that the day of the Lord is something that we should dread; it is a day of punishment for sin, our sin!  That’s why so many people today don’t want to hear God’s law preached; they only want to hear a message of prosperity, health, and wealth; they don’t want to hear the truth.  What is the truth?  We are broken in sin; we are separated from God; we are sick and death is inevitable!  This is what the law of God shows us!

A. You shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart, with all of your mind, and with all of your soul!  That is the demand of God.  You heard me right it’s a demand, and it offers you no help in accomplishing it!  It’s a demand that forces you to admit that you can’t do the law, you’ve never been able to do it, and on your own, you never will!  That’s why it’s a mirror; it simply shows you the truth about who you are… you are a sinner who has only judgment to look forward to!

You are the wicked and lazy servant that God gave one talent to.  Instead of using that talent you hid it away; you refused to take care of it.  Perhaps your whole life you’ve been hiding the talent, and you’ve been convincing yourself that God loves you because He gave you the talent, but you have never used it; you’ve never even brought it out!  You can skip Divine Service and never think twice about it.  You can come to the Lord’s Supper with bitterness and an unforgiving heart and then think that there will be no repercussions.  You can give a small sum of money as your weekly offering and dismiss any feelings of inadequacy or sinfulness by simply repeating what you were taught in Sunday School: God loves a cheerful giver!  You wicked and lazy servant, the day of the Lord will come upon you like a thief in the night; punishment is at hand!  No, no, don’t look away or close your ears, because we aren’t done looking in the mirror.

B. You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  That’s the demand of God’s Law.  It’s a demand and not a suggestion.  Who is your neighbor?  Your neighbor is your spouse.  The very person that you promised God you would love and honor till death do you part.  The very person you promised that you would be lover, supporter, and comforter to in good times and bad, sickness and health, in periods of wealth and poverty.  And how do you show that love?  With unfaithfulness!  You give your passion, your time, your comfort, and support to another.  And you justify your actions with the argument that you have unmet needs!  Now maybe you are dismissing this guilt by saying to yourself that you’ve never actually cheated or turned to the arms of someone else, but what have you been doing or done in the privacy of your own mind… in your fantasies!

Who is your neighbor?  It is your children and grandchildren!  Each time you hear God’s Word reminding you to spend more time with your family and demonstrate your love to them by teaching them the truths in God’s Word as found in your catechism, and each time you do the opposite, you are not loving your neighbor!  Have you forgotten that your Master is coming and will expect a full account of how you used His talent that He gave to you?

Who is your neighbor?  Your neighbors are those who can benefit from any of the many ministries we have here at Trinity.  Whether it’s the food pantry, the senior breakfast, community Bible study, or any of the other ministries we have that take God’s word to our community and then demonstrate His love in tangible ways, these are all opportunities that you can demonstrate your love for your neighbor.  When is the last time that you even considered inviting your neighbor to come and experience any of these ministries that we have here?  When is the last time that you invited someone who doesn’t know Jesus to come with you to our Friday Night Gospel Celebration for dinner and worship?  Now I know that many of you don’t like the contemporary gospel style of music that is offered on that evening, but have you forgotten that it’s not about you, it’s about your neighbor, your neighbor who is dying without knowing God’s love through Jesus Christ.  Your neighbor that hasn’t even been given a talent from the master yet!

Who is your neighbor?  Your neighbor may be someone here in this sanctuary right now that you have held a grudge against or harbored a bitter spirit against for some time.  Instead of going to your brother or sister and explaining how they’ve sinned against you and allowing God’s grace and Spirit to bring reconciliation, you harbor resentment and hatred.  Oh we wicked and lazy servants, it is time for us to arise… to wake up from our deep dark sleep and let God’s Word rescue us.

But how… how will this happen?  By turning to His face of love; by embracing his gift of love that He has given to us!

II. What is God’s face of love?  It’s the cross of Jesus Christ.  In His cross you see God’s love, and when you see His love, you fall in love with Him yourself.  In His arms of grace you feel connected and never disconnected; you feel his forgiveness.  In His cross you see His sacrifice, His death upon the cross as a gift for you.  In His cross God shows you that Jesus death was your death.  In the cross of Jesus, God provides a very great gift for all of us… He provides His talent.

A. What is this talent?  It is first and foremost the gift of faith; faith that allows us to be free from the terrible threatening of God’s Law and then faith to see God’s forgiveness.  But this gift of God’s love doesn’t just come with wishful thinking, but instead it comes through God’s means; it comes through His Word!  In His Word, God the Father is always telling you to turn to His Son, to turn to His Son’s cross and confess that you have failed in satisfying the demands of His Law.  In the cross of Jesus, God is always reminding us that it is He alone who rescues us from our sins, from the attacks of the devil, and from our own death and the day of judgment.

God’s Word about Jesus’ sacrifice for you is the breastplate of faith and love… it is the helmet of your salvation.  Without the Word of God you can have neither faith nor love; you can have no talent from God.  Without the Word of God, you can have no helmet of salvation that protects you from the sinful thoughts that so easily entangle you and lead you back into a world of darkness and slumber!  Without the Word of God you cannot walk as a child of the light.  Oh you can pretend to be following Jesus, but without the Word of God leading you and changing you, you are just going through the motions.

III. So this morning God’s Word simply has one command and it is Arise!  That’s it.  Get up and take up His holy Word.  Stay in the Word and embrace the light that it gives to you.  Oh, and because God has given you a talent, the gift of faith, He now assures you that you don’t need to be afraid of His Law anymore; you don’t need to avoid reading and meditating on that Law.  He doesn’t want you to see His Law as something to be avoided, but see His Law as a Law of love; see it as His way of continually recreating you into His image; it is part of the talent or gift of faith that He’s given to you so that you’ll no longer see yourself as a wicked and lazy servant, but as a wise, appreciative and loving servant who will only hear Words of praise and reward on the day of the Lord!  Under the council of God’s Holy Law He is teaching you how to multiply the talent that He has given you.  In His Word He is not only teaching you how to love Him but also how to love and forgive your neighbor as He has loved and forgiven you!

As God’s Word continues to save you, it will also continue to change you and rearrange you; it will teach you how He has specifically gifted you with special talents, and then He will teach you how to use those talents to help bring others out of darkness and judgment and into the glorious gospel light of love and forgiveness.

CONCLUSION: I’d like to close our message this morning with this story: One day, Satan held a strategy session for defeating Christ’s work of salvation. “What shall we do?” asked Satan. A daring demon stood and shouted, “I have it! I know what we can do! We can tell people that there is no life after death, that they die like animals.” Satan’s face fell as he answered, “It will never work. Man is not stupid; even atheists will admit that they have times when they sense a tomorrow after death.”  Another demon spoke, “Here’s the solution! Let’s say that the god who started life is dead—let’s say that while he started the universe, he’s long gone now.” Satan replied in dismay, “That won’t work either; most of them know there is a God, even though they don’t look for him.”

Other ideas were presented, but none brought hope to the devils. Finally, as they were about to give up, one demon jumped to his feet in joy, “I have it! This is sure to work!” The other demons crowded around to hear the plan. “Go tell them that God is real and the Bible is God’s Word.” A gasp came from the audience as the demon continued, “And tell them that Jesus really is God’s Son and that He died to free them from their sin.” The other demons were horror-stricken, thinking that their associate had lost his mind, until, with a smile, he added, “Then tell them that this is not the best time to turn their lives over to Jesus. Help them make excuses for living in a life of darkness. Tell them there is no hurry!” The demons danced in delight, realizing a workable plan had been discovered.

But those devils aren’t celebrating this morning at Trinity Lutheran Church, because this morning we have heard the gospel command to Arise!  We’ve heard God’s Word, and because of that Word of God and the gift of faith it brings, we can truly say, “I want to walk as a child of the light, I want to follow Jesus!”  May God through His Word continue to turn our hearts and minds to Jesus and His cross, and may He continue to give all of us the faith, the talent and the strength to keep doing  that very thing until the day of the Lord.  In Jesus name… AMEN!